This Creepy New Google Feature Lets You Stalk Your Entire Life's History

You've Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat-stalked the crap out of that guy you fell in love with at the bar last night. Now, it's time to stalk YOURSELF with this new, creepy Google page.

The search engine giant has revamped its "My Activity" section – found in "My Account" – so that you can look at your Google history.

It shows you what you've searched for, with the exact day and time. Then, it breaks down your searches into sections in order to see how much you've been browsing things like "image," "news" and "YouTube."


See? Here I am, doing some research for a few articles yesterday.

Then, here I am, searching for the definition of "techers." (FYI: It's British slang for "technique.")

So, hands up if you're not entirely comfortable with Google stalking you. But don't worry: There's an option to fine-tune how much data it stores, and you can also opt out of it completely. You can find this in "Activity Controls."

The changes are reportedly all part of Google's plan to throw more relevant ads your way. So get ready for some more spontaneous purchases.

Now, go forth and stalk yourself.