Internet's At War Over Girl's Response To Getting Blackout Drunk On A First Date

by Alexandra Strickler

For many of us, alcohol can feel like an absolute necessity for a successful first date.

It helps loosen you up rather than clam up out of sheer panic and awkwardness.

Unfortunately, it's far too easy to go overboard with the liquid courage if you're not careful about it.


Reddit user "redditright" told the harrowing tale of his first date with a girl he met on Tinder.

Everything was going pretty well at first. Then his date apparently guzzled three large glasses of wine — on an empty stomach.

Oh, we've all been there.

Before he knew it, "redditright" was spending a full hour alone at the table while his date said a prayer to the porcelain gods in the bathroom.

Though he considered ditching her, he did the right thing by asking another woman at the restaurant to check on her in the restroom. The kind patron did, indeed, confirm his date was getting sick.

"Redditright" continued,

We eventually got out of the bar and she thought she'd fallen asleep on the toilet but didn't realize the length of time. We went our separate ways. The first thing she said to me the next morning via WhatsApp was "all I can say is lol."

Oh, you poor girl.

Other Reddit users were pretty torn about the girl's meager response to him the next day.

Yup, we're all pretty uncomfortable.


She could have said more, I guess.


Hmm. Would she have waited for him if the situation were reversed?


Not having it.


This is a pretty solid defense of her actions.


Give the girl a break already.


Seriously, I would have typed and retyped and retyped again my apology to the guy, never quite being able to settle on the right choice of words.

There's not really much she can say, though an apology is definitely necessary.

But "expider" is right; I think this girl was simply trying to convey how speechless she was about her own actions.

Well, hopefully she's learned a lesson about drinking on an empty stomach — especially on first dates.

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