This Girl's Reaction To Getting Puppy For Christmas Is Magical

A little girl got her Christmas wish early this month, and her reaction is taking Reddit by storm.

And thank God for that because Reddit is a swamp of political trolls who make me want to personally die.

But in one moment, this post wiped out every single Reddit user from the alt-right threatening to come to my house and smash out my windows.

Why? Because it features the joy of a little girl receiving a puppy for Christmas.

And this isn't just any puppy. This is the kind of puppy you would get in the movies.

I mean, it's like an "Old Yeller," "Marley & Me" level golden retriever puppy.

It's almost like you can see the entire life story between this little girl and her dog in the one moment when she sees Rover for the first time and bursts into tears.

She's sitting alone on a couch, hugging her stuffed animal so close you'd think she was wishing it to life, when all of a sudden, an adult hand reaches in to gently pry it from her grasp.

She looks confused, but reluctantly lets go of the toy. Then, you see her being handed some other furry thing.

The little girl's face goes from confusion to disbelief, to an ecstatic joy (that is frankly too pure for this world) as she's handed her very own puppy with a bow around its neck.

You'll be moved to tears.

They'll either be tears grieving your own childhood or tears of joy for this kid, whom I personally wish the happiest life with her new surprise present.

So this year, let's all buy each other surprise dogs as presents for the holidays.

After all, you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat a dog. Just check Reddit if you need a reference point.