Little Girls Prepare Women For First Dates With Makeovers And Advice (Video)

For most people, getting ready for first dates can be more stressful than the dates themselves: We want to look dressed up but not too formal, sexy but not overly so and polished but not boring.

It takes a lot of time and effort to strike that perfect balance.

Fortunately, these women didn’t have to do all the work themselves.

In this hilarious video from Cosmopolitan, little girls help women prepare for first dates by giving them date-night makeovers worthy of queens.

As the earnest little ladies paint their elder pals' faces to the best of their abilities (which is to say, not very well), they dole out sage dating advice and clever tricks they learned over the years -- well actually, from Disney movies.

The clip is filled with priceless gems, made funnier by the fact that the little girls truly believe in their sloppy makeovers and questionable advice.

Check it out up top.