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This Girl Thought Her Dentist Was The Tooth Fairy And Wrote The Cutest Note


Kids constantly do things that are insanely adorable.

Case in point: an 8-year-old girl from Wales named Arwa.

Apparently, someone informed Arwa about the existence of the tooth fairy.

However, it seems this kid got her tooth fairy facts a bit mixed up.

Yep, somehow Arwa confused her dentist, Raid Ali of Restore Dental Group, with this legendary creature that collects lost teeth in the night.

What's even better is, Arwa actually wrote her dentist a letter addressing him as this infamous wing- clad creature, and I have to admit, it's pretty damn adorable.

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The note, which even includes a little envelope containing Arwa's lost tooth, reads,

Apparently, Mr. Ali was pretty fond of Arwa's lovely letter and said,

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Now for the real question: Did Arwa ever get rewarded for her lost tooth?

You'll be glad to know the answer is yes.

Although Mr. Ali isn't the real tooth fairy, he said he would still get Arwa a present because let's be real: How could you not give her something after writing such an precious note?

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