This Girl Got So Drunk, She Tried To Booty Call The Airport

You know what they say: If she don't drunk text you, you ain't the one.

So Gatwick Airport must be absolutely thrilled Annie from Nottingham had them on her mind as she was out on the town.

Despite the fact that Gatwick airport wasn't out partying with her, and probably never will be, she had no problem sliding into its DMs.

At 5:15 am, Annie texted the airport,

Despite the fact that Gatwick Airport is, in fact, an airport, it may as well be an ex-lover because that is what the message sounds like.

When she woke up in the morning, it seems like she was just as confused as Gatwick Airport probably would have been.

She tweeted,

To make it worse, Gatwick didn't even open her message of concern. But Gatwick is not alone. Hundreds of men (and women) wake up to drunk messages every day. And while some are flattered by the thought, others are just annoyed.

When asked about getting drunk texts from girls in an online forum, one guy said,

Another guy was more considerate, saying,

And this guy was brutally realistic, stating,

So there you have it. Some girls look for action in the most unlikely of places -- like airports, apparently.