Girl's Reddit Story About Burning Vagina Using Nair Goes Viral


There are all sorts of struggles that come along with being a woman.

Thanks to the unrealistic beauty standards of society, we've been trained to think ladies are supposed to be some sort of mythical creatures that poop rainbows, smell like roses and only grow hair on the tops of their heads.

As a result of this, we often do whatever it takes to keep up this lady-like image.

However, one girl discovered what the saying "beauty is pain" means on a whole new level.

That's right. An anonymous woman recently posted a story on the "Today, I Fucked Up" section of Reddit about the time she set her vagina "on fire" after making a simple but costly mistake with Nair.

She starts off the post by writing,

She then goes on to explain how this hair-removal product works, writing,

Apparently, this girl really wanted to go to the beach that day because she decided to take a risk with her precious kitty and just be extra careful when applying the cream.

Unfortunately, things didn't really go as planned.

According to the woman,

That is until she realized she needed to pee.

She recounts the horrors that unfolded after popping a squat, saying,

Unfortunately, the shower didn't provide this woman with the sweet relief she was hoping for.

She goes on to explain what happens when you mix Nair with water, writing,

Luckily, this gal paid attention during her chemistry classes because she thought of a genius solution to stop the crotch burning.

According to the woman,

After rinsing the hair gel out of her vag, she got out of the shower and took a peek at the damage.

She recalls,

Then she started hunting around her room for an ice pack.

Unfortunately, she didn't have any ice but did she find a cold can of ginger ale to sit on, and that's, basically, just as good.

So, long story short, don't use Nair and then pee because you will set your vagina on fire and spend the day icing your crotch instead of sitting on the beach.