Girl's Sassy Response To Student Accusing Her Of Skipping Class Is Going Viral


Tia Carr is just too much. She slapped down a fellow student when he accused her of not showing up to class... and she did it all on 1 percent battery. What a maverick.

It all started when Tia sent this polite message to her classmates:

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to email me their notes for this unit? I want to make sure I'm not missing anything in my notes since we don't have a study guide for our exam tomorrow. Good luck and thanks in advance.

Pretty inoffensive, right? WRONG.

Check out Thomas Leo's message. It turns out he has a massive issue with people wanting to learn and prosper. He simply wrote,

Please attend class and take your own notes. It's very rude to send an entire class an email asking for their notes.


Thomas, think before you email aggressively. He has just learned a tough lesson for life post-college.

It turns out that Tia hadn't skipped class at all. In fact, quite the opposite. She had attended every single one, and just wanted to compare notes in order to absorb ALL THE KNOWLEDGE.

Obviously, Tia was having none of his crap.

She informed Thomas of his awful, awful ways:

Please attend an English class and learn how to read. It's very rude to assume that I don't show up to class and don't take notes. It's also pretty dumb too, considering the fact that my email CLEARLY states that I want to compare my notes so as to make sure there are no holes in my own.

Tia warned Thomas not to test her again.

But Thomas clearly isn't one to back down. The steaming pile of sass actually replied again!

He may well have said, "Come at me, bro. Meet me in the quad at 6 pm."