Overconfident Guy Asks Girl To Prom, Is Shut Down

Confidence is key.

We've been taught our entire lives that having high self-esteem will help us become successful. But being overly confident isn't always a good thing.

In fact, it'll make you cocky. And no one likes someone who's constantly blowing sunshine up his or her own ass.

That's exactly what this guy did while he was asking a girl named Katie to prom.

In scratchy handwriting, he boasts how Katie "knows" he has a crush on her.

Then, he asks her out.

But he only gives her two options: "Yes" and "Definitely Yes."

Of course, I don't know the history behind these two "love" birds.

Maybe they have a romantic past. Maybe they're exes. Or maybe this guy's just a conceited prick who assumes all women worship the ground he walks on.

I'm going to assume the latter.

Katie's a clever girl though, and she found a sneaky way to reject him.

An Imgur user named  uploaded a picture of the genius response with the description, "Katie doesn't mess around."

Nope, she definitely doesn't.


LOL. This girl's my hero.

As you can see, she thought outside the box and circled the word "no" in the pre-written word "know."


Other Imgur users are cracking up at the genius response, calling her "clever" and "cold as ice." One user in particular – who goes by the name of clanc43 – called her a "destroyer of confidence."

It's OK, though. By the looks of things, this dude needed to be knocked down a peg or two.


I wonder who else this guy's going to give a version of the note to. Hopefully, that woman will also take Katie's lead... unless she's into dudes who are way too into themselves.

Either way, Katie deserves a medal. Heck, she deserves to be crowned prom queen.

You do you, Katie. Have fun at prom.