Girl Pays Hilarious Tribute To BF's 'Full Buttocks' After Savage Butt Injury

by Harley Tamplin

Warning: These pictures are seriously, seriously grim.

They are the result of what happens when you're playing basketball and fall backwards, ass first, onto a sharp metal spike.

One guy was left with horrifying injuries after the hoops accident, which he detailed on the subreddit, “Dear Reddit, Today I Fucked Up.”

But fortunately, his GF was able to see the funny side — as she paid hilarious tribute to a butt that will surely never be the same again.

She marked the date on her calendar, writing on November 2,

RIP butt cheek, your fullness will be remembered.

May it rest in pieces.

Anyways, this dude was brutally impaled thanks to a mid-air collision as he tried to defend another player going in for a lay up.

He bounced backward and landed on a spike coming out of the metal pole supporting the hoop.

Yeah, ouch.

Like an absolute trooper, the guy initially carried on like nothing happened, only experiencing a “split second of sharp pain.”


He wrote,

Without thinking twice I got back up and continued to play. Bear in mind at this point, I had no idea how severe my injury was and as the game continued, I felt some slight pain through my left thigh area, though believing it was from leg day a day before at the gym.

He played for another 20 minutes before realizing his butt was bleeding, but the drama really started when he got back home.


He said,

As I was removing my clothing, I noticed something that looked like egg pudding where the injury should have been along with the blood staining my pants. Turning to the mirror for a better look, I realized it was the fat from my ass cheek. Yes, the pole had penetrated my ass cheek! Even a big cut was an understatement for what I was looking at. I had a giant, bleeding, fat missing hole on my ass.

Double gross.

The guy went to hospital where he had seven stitches, and couldn't sit down properly for about a week.

And, more importantly, this was the day his butt cheek died. RIP, glorious, full, butt cheek.