Girl Accidentally Adds Nude Pics To Heartfelt Facebook Post For Late Grandpa


Somehow, some way, this woman ended up posting a bunch of nudes to Facebook by accident. And it all happened while she was trying to pay tribute to a dead relative.

In a Facebook post pictured below, the woman wrote,

Words cannot begin to describe how much you meant to me. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of you playing with me at the lake. I am happy you get to see Grandma again and know that you will be missed greatly. I miss you. I love you.

Truly, truly heartfelt words there. But the way she ends the post is particularly notable... with some nudes.


And so, here's where we get conflicted. Obviously, it's unfortunate that she suffered an apparent loss.

But we have to ask the most obvious question, right? How do you "accidentally" post six nudes on Facebook after writing an RIP post?

For The Win


That makes no sense. That's like, what, number one on the list of mistakes you can make while sending things from your phone?

Obviously, there's the most common one: taking a screenshot of a conversation you're having with person A, just so you can talk about person A to person B. Only, you end up mistakenly sending the screenshot to A.

That one sucks. But it happens, and it's definitely understandable.

This, though? This is just wild.


By the way, you do realize that in order to post six pictures, you either have to upload each photo one by one or select them all in one go before posting to Facebook, right?

At least, that's the rule for the iPhone, which makes this case of nude-sending gone wrong even more of a head scratcher. Have fun trying to figure this one out yourselves because this guy is done.


Oh, and I'll also address the elephant in the room: The chick's hot. (Shut up. You know you were thinking it.)

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