We Can All Relate To This Girl Drunkenly Eating Noodles On The Way Home

A good night out always ends with food.

But sometimes, you drunkenly get takeout and can't wait until you get home to eat it. So, don't tell me you haven't drunkenly eaten fries in the back of an Uber. (Just me? Really?)

I love drunk eating as much as the next person, but this girl riding in a London Overground train loves it more than all of us combined.

She was caught shoveling Japanese food into her mouth with her bare hands (a classic hot mess move).

The girl, hunched over a takeout bag from the UK chain restaurant called Wasabi, struggled to keep the noodles in her mouth.

Some of them even fell right back into the bag on her lap. Casual.

This girl seriously gives no fucks. She even makes a point to lick her fingers, and she has no problem with the amount of food all over her face.

The video has over 165,000 views and has been shared 300 times. We feel you, drunk girl.

And can we just talk about how her eyes are 90 percent shut during all of this? She either doesn't see or just doesn't care that someone is filming this low (or high?) moment.

I mean, good for you, drunk girl. There is no shame in being too hungry.

Those noodles probably would have gotten cold by the time you got to wherever you were going.

I think I would have done the same thing, but hopefully with a fork.

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