Girl Tells Story Of Catching Brother Enjoying Butt Stuff With Toothbrush


You never know who is secretly into butt stuff.

It could be your neighbor. It could be the delivery guy who just dropped off your food. It could be your favorite celebrity... It could be YOU.

For one Reddit user, however, it was her little brother. In a recent post shared by Redditor by Glasstileisinstyle, the young woman details her recent "fuck up."

There's a subreddit called "TIFU," which stands for "today, I fucked up."

Users are encouraged to share their most brutal fuck-ups for the day as other users weigh in on exactly how badly you might have, well, fucked up.

User Glasstileisinstyle felt she messed up when she barged into her little brother's room and saw something no one should ever have to see. Here's a hint...

During the lengthy post, the 17-year-old revealed,

I was going to tell my brother that breakfast was ready and blindly just opened the door to his room without knocking or saying anything. When I walked in, I saw him on his knees with his shorts and underwear around his ankles, putting a toothbrush up his rear end.

Let's all have a moment of silence for that poor toothbrush...

It didn't deserve to go that way... No toiletry deserves to go that way ever.

The Reddit user continued describing her frightening butt stuff encounter, saying,

I was incredibly shocked and quickly stepped back and closed the door. I apologized to him profusely and told him that I wouldn't tell a soul about what happened (sorry little bro, I just had to share this story with Reddit). He didn't say anything, but I heard him sobbing. He came out about 15 minutes later and quickly ate his breakfast without making any eye contact with me.

It sounds to me like this little kid's life just changed forever. I mean, that's usually how people "grow up," isn't it?

Don't you just get brutally embarrassed one day when you're around 15 and everything changes? I think this might be that!

Here's a Reddit user's post about the time she caught her little brother engaging in butt stuff with a toothbrush before breakfast.


As expected, savage Reddit users slyly attempted to get nude pics out of the kid's sister, but she shut them down with ease.


Another commenter then refocused on the girl's shocking discovery, breaking down the scenario piece by piece in poem-like form.


Um, yeah, that's super embarrassing for both sides here! Not only did this kid get caught stuffing a toothbrush up his ass, but his older sister had to see something she'll never, ever forget -- and he knows it.

There isn't really much you can do after experiencing something like this except to post it on Reddit, of course!

I just have one burning question for the 15-year-old toothbrush bandit: Did you brush your teeth beforehand? I fucking hope so.

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