Nurses Sang 'Let It Go' With 3-Year-Old Cancer Patient And It's Adorable (Video)


Millie McColl has stage 4 neuroblastoma and is stuck passing time at Glasgow, Scotland's Royal Hospital for Sick Children while she undergoes chemotherapy.

Despite battling such a serious form of cancer, the 3-year-old knows the perfect way to keep herself occupied.

Oh, and yes, it involves “Frozen." Get over it.

Scotland's Daily Record reports a special gang of nurses banded -- they literally formed a band -- together to create a “Let It Go” sing-along from Millie's hospital bed.

It must be mentioned Millie is the kind of girl who keeps a karaoke machine in her hospital room so all the nurses needed to bring were a few pairs of sunglasses and some sweet moves.

In the video of the performance posted to Facebook by Millie's mom, four nurses, after a fifth had to leave, form a line and sway, 50s girl-group style, as another nurse sits with Millie.

Millie starts the song off like a pro, but is ultimately not really feeling the first verse, or the chorus or the second verse, for that matter.

See, when you're a seasoned karaoke performer, you let your duet partner take all the dark meat of the sing-along turkey so you can shine on the swelling bridge, aka the tender breast meat.

Millie joins in for the climactic moment of the Idina Menzel favorite and then, once she showcased just enough of her superstar talent, tosses the mic on the floor.

Kanye must have personally taught this tiny diva how to put on a show because she knows every damn trick. With the video receiving over 400,000 views, it's clear people like what they see.

In a follow-up post, Millie's mother shared,

The nurses played outstanding backup and their efforts should be applauded. I, for one, await the next video of Millie killing the karaoke game.

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