Girl's Prank Testing BF's Fidelity Takes Weird Incestual Turn In Awkward Video

by Harley Tamplin

If you're one of those people who can't get enough of videos where someone catches their SO cheating, grab some popcorn.

I just can't understand why people are still falling for this kind of stuff in 2017.

Gentlemen in relationships: If there's a camera in your face and a beautiful woman asking you to touch her legs, it's too good to be true. Trust me.

Nobody gave that advice to a guy called Patrick, who thought he was auditioning for a role on a game show, and just happened to be interviewed by a gorgeous woman.


Of course, this wasn't what was happening at all — he was being set up by his GF of two years and a TV show called “To Catch A Cheater.”

Patrick failed the test, and things got super awkward when his seriously pissed off girlfriend stormed the set to confront him.

But before we get to that, I just don't understood why anyone would want to test their partner by dropping them in a tempting situation.

Like, that can only go badly, right?

In this case, “Veronica” is flirting up a storm and isn't exactly an Oscar-winning actress. Sorry.

After he accidentally walks in on her changing (of course), she bends over in front of him, asks him to touch her legs and then demands a massage.

But after lying to her and saying he's been single for two years, the worst part happens. She goes through his Instagram and asks who his girlfriend is — and he tells her it's his sister.

Dude. DUDE.

They're discussing plans to meet up later (for SEX, we can safely assume) when his GF raids the set.


Poor Patrick doesn't know what's hit him, as his GF explains,

I set all this up to see if you'll be a fucking cheater, and you are.

Bad luck, bro.

Hilariously, he legit seems more worried he didn't get the part than losing his loving woman.

And one final moment of ridiculousness comes when he walks past Veronica and says,

Oh, so we're not on for later?