Girl's BFF Pretending To Be A Dude To Make Guy Jealous Is Loyalty At Its Finest


Surviving life without a best friend is virtually impossible.

Whom would I text at all hours of the day and night whenever I felt insecure about relationships, looks and my career?

How would I have navigated high school during my period without asking my friend to look at my butt while I walked a bit ahead to make sure I wasn't leaking?

What would I do if I wanted to make some trick jealous and no best friend was in sight?

Twitter user Jada proves sometimes BFFs have to do things without question, it's basically in the loyalty verbal agreement.

Text your best friend right now the following sentence:

Can you come over and bring guy clothes? I want you to stand facing the other way in a selfie so I can make a guy jealous.

If their response isn't something like this...

You need to seriously question your friend's dedication to your life and your cause.

In order to make Jada's male friend jealous, her best friend put on a hoody and stood in the background in a mirror selfie.

It would make the recipient of the picture or viewer on the 'Gram assume another man was in her room... perchance, A LOVER.

Here is where I want to applaud Jada's friend.


Just look at this transformation. The stance of the "male" is perfection, and she even wore her hair higher to give the fictional guy some height. Truly, it was a stellar performance.

Oh, to be young and hang out with my best friend every day again, coming up with hilarious ideas to troll the guys who are into us.

Do not take this time for granted, friends.

Soon, you will be old like me, and your friendships will be limited to text messages because you live in different states or your work schedules don't mesh up and you'll be forced to photoshop your friend looking like a guy into the background of your pictures.

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