This Dad Literally Can't Even When His Daughter Asks Him To Buy Her Pads


Honestly, God bless this dad for trying.

Men and lady-cycle knowledge really don't go together. It's just not something dudes know, and most of the time, that's fine. Do women know how to shave their long, bushy beards or pee standing up? No! It's just not something their skill sets require.

I wouldn't ask a walrus to team up with me to run a daycare service, just like I wouldn't ask my mom to stand with me in solidarity at a urinal trough in Wrigley Field, peein' side by side, heart by heart.

The difference here is women will never have to know how to pee standing up, while men will, most likely, at some point in their lives need to buy feminine hygiene products for their significant others, relatives or high-powered bosses at fashion magazines a la Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

So, let's just keep that in mind while we go through this text-message journey between Facebooker Tia Savva and her dad, whom she tasked with getting some pads from Tesco.

It starts off as a modern-day "Who's on First" but with menstrual pads instead of baseball players.


Then, a woman starts looking at him, and he freaks the eff out.


Maybe don't call your daughter "satan" while she's going through something like this?


Father of the Year? No. Father trying his absolute best to just get invited to the Father of the Year runner-up softball charity game? Yes.

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