This App Will Pick A Thoughtful Holiday Gift For Your SO, So You Don't Have To

by Becca Van Sambeck

There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who are good at gift-giving, and those who are not.

You only seem to realize the type of person someone is around Christmas. This is usually when you're eagerly unwrapping a giant present from the person... only to discover it's a pair of child-size, cow-print pajamas from Macy's, when you have very clearly not been a child in a decade.


Admittedly, gift-giving isn't really easy for anyone.

But now, whether you're genetically bad at finding gifts or have been forced to participate in office Secret Santa with strangers, an app is here to help you.

Meet Gidi: a bot that will do all the hard work for you. Gidi will scour the internet for unique gifts you definitely weren't going to think of yourself.

The ingenious app is incredibly easy to use. First, you go to the app's site, where you're prompted to "Try Our Giftbot."

Once you hit the button, it asks you to use it in Facebook Messenger. This way, you can communicate with Giftbot.

It's basically like when you were in middle school, trying to communicate with SmarterChild on AIM... only way more generous and useful.


From here, the bot asks you a little about your relationship with the person, the gifting occasion and your budget. I decided to start with my favorite person to give gifts to: myself.


Giftbot asks you to describe the person. This is when I realized I potentially have no real hobbies or interests.


However, even with that very limited, vague info, SUCCESS!


As I'm a very big fan of inflicting board games upon others, I was instantly intrigued by the Storymatic game Giftbot recommended. It comes with a link, so you can easily buy the product on Amazon.

I was also asked to use Giftbot to find a gift for my SO, which is difficult because he doesn't exist. Still, I decided to see if Giftbot could find the perfect item for my ideal imaginary boyfriend.

Unfortunately, I don't actually have a very good imagination. All I could tell Giftbot was that my boyfriend didn't like sports.

Still, Giftbot was able to find ME a great gift with limited intel, so my hopes were high.


But then, Giftbot suggested this.

Goddamnit, Giftbot. A head lamp?! This is what you think of my fake boyfriend?!

It was time to try the "More Ideas" function. Giftbot continued to give me an array of ideas: some good, some this stupid book about man skills.


Giftbot suggested it twice, like it knew how much I hated the book and just wanted to punish me for rejecting all of its ideas.




Gidi got so frustrated with my indecisiveness, it had to ask me to be a little more specific about the kind of guy we were dealing with.


So, sure: Not all of Gidi's suggestions were winners. It looks like my fake boyfriend might just have to settle for a beginner calligraphy set this holiday season.

But the app comes up with enough fun and unique suggestions. So you can, at the very least, get some good ideas about what you want to get your roommate, your dad or your weird Secret Santa.

It relieves some of the pressure of buying presents. For some of us, that's really the best gift of all.

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