Ghost Attacks And Drags A Teen In A Shocking Video That'll Keep You Up At Night


Sometimes, I find it in my best interest to speak kindly about ghosts, just in case one is around to hear me. (How would I know? I'd be so embarrassed if I were talking shit about a specter and there were one I couldn't see behind me, silently crying.)

So, ghosts, if you're listening, we're totally cool, my guys. You and I are friends until the end.

Unless you act like this...

Like, WTF, man? Are you some kind of bully ghost? A stereotypical high school jock in a TV show who attacks nerds who want to read?

This teen was just trying to educate himself, and you shove him down and drag him to, I assume, an awaiting open locker to stuff him in.

Not cool, guy. NOT COOL.

Truth be told, I'm pretty sure this is fake.

Who has an indoor camera just pointed at your bookshelf all the time? Are you worried someone's going to find your secret lair that opens up when they grab that one book like an episode of "Scooby Doo?"

The way this teen is "pushed" to the ground also feels like bad infomercial acting.

Also, why would a ghost open a door when they can just go through it?

In fact, a ghost is probably going through your door/walls right now.

They're not trying to scare you. They're just lonely and want some company.

Or if you feel a chill, they're touching your butt. Ghosts love butts.

Will a real ghost ever be caught on tape?

It's hard to say, as ghosts are normally very camera shy and concerned about how their hair looks.

However, if this ghost was real, than that phantom dragged that lil' bitch-ass teen all the way to heck and back. WORLDSTAR,? MORE LIKE UNDERWORLD STAR, AM I RIGHT?!

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