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Genius Dad Uses Special Effects To Turn Home Movies Into Epic Films

If this kid doesn't have the best childhood ever, it at least looks like it on YouTube.

That's all thanks to his dad, Daniel Hashimoto, a special effects artist who edits his son's adventures and turn them into thrilling film clips.

Here's an example of Daniel's work, which was filmed at a park in Michigan.

Action Movie Kid on YouTube

Daniel posts the creative videos under the username Action Movie Kid on YouTube. The "kid" is his 5-year-old son James, who's been featured in 30 original YouTube videos to date.

According to Metro, Daniel is an artist who began making the videos while working for DreamWorks, and his professional skills are evident in clips like this.

Action Movie Kid on YouTube

Daniel and James' videos are so good, they've even done sponsored videos.

This Action Movie Kid video, for example, was shot to promote "Captain America: Civil War."

Action Movie Kid on YouTube

The Action Movie Kid channel's gained over 530,000 subscribers so far. Daniel, who seemingly authored the channel's About page, said he uses the program Adobe After Effects to make his videos while also relying on a few third party plug-ins.

We'll assume Daniel forgot to list "genius talent" as a reliable tool. How else would he be able to regularly make videos like this?

Action Movie Kid on YouTube

Action Movie Kid is living the life, man.

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