This Fourth-Grader Just Schooled Her Sexist Math Homework Using Girl Code

Pop Quiz: When someone asks you an offensive question, you:

A) Answer it politely B) Tell them you feel uncomfortable speaking about the topic at hand C) Ignore them D) Pull a 'Maddy Douglas' on their rude selves

What is a 'Maddy Douglas,' you ask?

She's the kickass fourth-grader who took the Internet by storm last week for her stellar takedown of the Common Core standardized tests.

The statewide exam included a word problem in which four groups of couples swapped dates for four different school events. Students were supposed to determine, through deductive reasoning, which girl would end up with which boy at the next event.

Maddy, however, isn't about that life.

Instead of answering the question, the sassy little scholar simply wrote,

I can't answer this problem because my mom says according to girl code you shouldn't date a friend's [e]x boyfriend.

Though intentionally bombing a test answer is never a good idea, little Maddy's response made her momma proud. After getting the test back, Jenn Morrison Douglas posted a photo of her daughter's response to Facebook, hashtagged #girlcodetrumpscommoncore.

Maddy's ballsy answer may have cost her the grade, but in life, she's an A+ student.

Here's to you, Mads.

Jenn Morrison Douglas

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