Girlfriend Beats Up Cheating BF And Smashes His Laptop In Brutal Footage

I've never really understood why people cheat on their significant others.

If you just can't seem to repress the relentless urge to hook up with someone other than the person you're currently dating, there's a good chance your relationship probably isn't going too great.

So, wouldn't it just make more sense to break things off and be free to bang whoever you damn well please?

I mean, honestly, everyone knows dumping your SO is lot easier and less stressful than sneaking around with someone else and living in the constant fear that bae will eventually find out about your deceitful deeds.

Plus, it should go without saying that hell hath no fury quite like a woman who's been betrayed by the one she loves.

One man recently learned this the hard way, when he cheated on his girlfriend and consequently got his ass handed to him.


Now, it's important to remember every story always has two sides.

While the reason why this woman beat up her cheating boyfriend seems pretty straightforward, the unfaithful dude has a slightly more complicated version of the events that allegedly led to the attack.

He posted his side of the story on LiveLeaks, saying,

I have cheated on my ex-girlfriend when we were together, got into some shit, left her, moved out, and after one year I moved back in because I needed a place to stay and I was still on the apartment lease. Long story short, she was acting crazy the day I filmed this for some reason, demeaning me in front of our roommate and her friends telling me how we are just friends. She brought the guy she fucked after we broke up that same day although I told her not to just out of respect, as I never bring girls I fuck to her house either (her name is also on the lease). Long story shorter, I know this was going to happen. She made me call the girl I cheated on her with by force of nagging. I accidentally called the girl "Babe" before hanging up and that's when she went APE-SHIT. Skip to 1:05 for action.

When this guy says his ex girlfriend went ape shit on him, he was in no way joking... not even a little bit.

In the video, you can see the scorned woman unleash a whirlwind of punches and kicks upon the guy. To make a long story even shorter, she basically beats the shit out of him.


If that's not bad enough, she also smashes what appears to be the guy's laptop.


Now, physically hurting someone and destroying his or her belongings is an even bigger offense than breaking someone's heart. No one should ever seek revenge on an unfaithful partner by means of domestic violence and vandalism.

After all, two wrongs definitely don't make a right.

However, we can use this video to teach us the valuable lesson that cheating on an angry, psychotic individual is a pretty terrible idea.


But it's not as bad of an idea as moving back in with said psychopath after you break up and start seeing new people because, well, we just saw how that scenario plays out.

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