Guy's 'Flour' Bouquet Inspires SOs To Share Creative Ways They've Apologized

Giving someone flowers is the perfect way to say, "I'm sorry."

So, it should come as no surprise that dudes immediately send their baes big old bouquets when they find themselves in the dog house.

However, one clever man recently tried to get back into the good graces of his angry girlfriend by sending her a pretty interesting "flour" arrangement.

Yes, you read that correctly: flour arrangement.

The boyfriend got in trouble yesterday. He sent flours to my office today to apologize.

It seems that this groveling guy didn't know the difference between bouquets and baking ingredients. Instead of sending his girlfriend a bunch of beautiful blooms, he had seven bags of flour delivered to her office.

I know. Talk about romantic.

Now, before you lose all faith in humanity, you should know that this little stunt wasn't performed out of sheer stupidity. Instead, the thoughtful gift was actually inspired by a scene from the movie, "Stranger Than Fiction."

This guy clearly managed to find a girl who shares his sense of humor, since his girlfriend found the gift to be pretty damn entertaining. She even uploaded a picture of her present to Imgur, along with the caption, "The boyfriend got in trouble yesterday. He sent flours to my office today to apologize."

Since then, the flour photo has been receiving a lot of attention online. One Imgur user even suggested the perfect reciprocal present for her boyfriend's practical joke. He commented, "So, take home a cat and say you got him some pussy."

This clever apology inspired us to find some other alternatives to the boring old bouquet of flowers. Because let's be real: Laughter is the best gift you can give someone.

Nothing says "I'm sorry" quite like a dozen bacon roses.

Or a bougie bouquet filled with bottles of booze.

A sorrowful succulent serves as the perfect apology for being a prick.

You can't go wrong with some ballsy baked goods...

... Or a cake that spells out how sorry you are for being a cunt.

If all else fails, you can always bribe your boo into forgiving you with a little extra green.

Everyone knows that flowers say "I'm sorry," but Chanel says, "I've learned my lesson."

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