Guy Surprises His BF With An Epic Flash Mob Proposal At His Cycling Studio

by Anna Menta

If you want your heart to be filled with joy and happiness today, you should probably watch this video.

Jared Marinelli, a 31-year-old cycling instructor at JoyRide Cycling Studio in Connecticut, was leading a session this week when, suddenly, all his students broke out into synchronized choreography.

Obviously, Jared was kind of confused. He stopped his motivational cheers and asked,

What is going on right now?

I'll tell you what was going on, Jared. Your sweet, adorable boyfriend, Adam, who is also a cycling instructor, organized a secret flash mob in the middle of class to propose to you.

And it was BEAUTIFUL. He even got their parents to join in!

The couple met at the studio last year when Adam first took Jared's class. I can only assume the wedding will take place during a cycle session as well.

Even while the two-minute flash mob dance was happening, Jared just kept on cycling. That is a man who is dedicated to his craft.

And yeah, I cried a little bit when he said "yes." I'm not a robot.