Fitness Blogger Proves Holiday Bloating Happens To Anybody

Once Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, it's super difficult to restrain yourself from not eating your heart out.

And when I say “eat your heart out,” I am certainly referring to indulging in your favorite holiday foods, of course.

There's not a year that goes by when mom's roasted potatoes and Ritz Cracker broccoli casserole aren't hardcore staring me in the face on the beautiful holiday table while begging, “eat me.”

Well, you surely don't have to ask this chick over here twice! GET IN MY BELLY STAT.

When it comes to the holidays, I'll admit I have absolutely no self control… especially when the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread cookies fills the house.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

And as far as I'm concerned, I will never hold back on that extra helping (or two) of my cousin's divine sweet potato casserole. TBH, I could probably devour the whole dang pan of it. Bring on the extra marshmallows, please!

The holidays are every foodie's dream come true. The bloating aftermath though? Not so much.

Fitness blogger and personal trainer Kelsey Wells took to Instagram to document the effect a yummy Thanksgiving dinner had on her.

She starts off her awesome side-by-side picture post by saying,

Remember those extra treats I mentioned? I try to indulge in moderation, but let's be honest I'm human and I love food and that doesn't always happen. // I wanted to post this because I have received more than a few questions lately such as 'how do you never look bloated?', 'how do you never get zits?', and 'how do you not have stretch marks?'

Wells touches upon the important fact that “EVERYONE is human.”

We all know pictures on social media can be super deceiving at times. Kelsey said,

But it's so important to keep it real and remember that most the images you see while scrolling (including mine) are people's 'best foot forward'. Of course I want to take photos in good lighting and show my best angles, but I never want that to be misconstrued as saying I don't have bad ones or never look bloated.

For real though, this picture is everything, and Kelsey said it like it is in epic proportions.

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