Lydia Mansel

Girl's Sweet Note About First Time Flying Will Melt Your Heart

There are a multitude of ways your flight can go horribly wrong.

You may have the unfortunate luck of being placed right next to that woman who decided her seat was the perfect place to do some yoga. I don't care if you're in first class... That's got to be a tight situation.

You may be placed next to that guy who decides to bring his creepy doll as his vacation buddy. On the bright side, you'll probably be able to snag the doll's bag of pretzels when the flight attendants come around.

Or you might be placed next to a baby.

Though notoriously bad flyers, not all babies are horrors on an airplane.

Take for example 3-month-old Lana Chun — the perfect passenger all flyers (young and old) should aspire to be.

On a trip from Charlotte to New York on Tuesday, November 22, little Lana in 28D was kind enough to pass along a note to her fellow passengers on her American Airlines flight:

This lovely little lady was so considerate of her neighbors that she (read: her parents) decided to gift travelers with some chocolates for any inconveniences and earplugs in the event her singing would get to be a tad overwhelming.

The note reads,

I will try to be on my best behavior but I would like to apologize in advance if I get scared or my ears bother me.

Lana and her parents, Timothy and Lisa, were on their way to their family in New York for Thanksgiving and were a little apprehensive about how the trip would go.

"It's our first time flying with her," Timothy said. "We just didn't want to be rude."

How could anyone possibly get upset when the note reads,

I am about to be 3 months old I am on my very first plane ride to go visit my grandparents for Thanksgiving and I am very excited!


The best part of all? Little Lana was described as "the perfect baby."

So if you're trying to score that last-minute flight home for the holidays, we hope the baby next to you in 28D will be as adorable and well-behaved as Lana.

Lydia Mansel