Woman Sits Next To Terrifying Doll On A Plane And Lives To Tweet About It


We've all been trapped next to a terrible person on a plane, whether it's a guy actually turning green from motion sickness or an old lady who thinks your five-hour red-eye is the perfect time to strike up a conversation about where you went to school.

But it's basically impossible to top Sara Nović's flight experience, which she live-tweeted earlier today. This poor woman actually sat next to something out of a nightmare on her plane ride.

Yup, she sat next to a man and a baby doll. He apparently thought the doll was a real human being.

So, to recap, not only did this grown man decide that he needed to bring his creepy baby doll on a flight, but he also wanted so badly to have it by his side that he spent hundreds of dollars to make sure it could have its own seat.

Real babies don't even get that kind of luxury. Hmmmm.

Naturally, the airline attendants were more than a little confused by their tiniest passenger.

Nović undoubtedly breathed a sigh of relief after she got off the plane to catch her layover flight. But like any good horror movie creature, the baby doll wasn't finished just yet.

As soon as Nović reached her seat on the next flight, she realized that the man and his doll were LITERALLY ACROSS THE AISLE.

And don't worry, the doll still had plenty of room to stretch out. There was no way that Barbara going to share a seat.

Oh, yes: The doll's name was Barbara.

Look at those cold, stiff joints and those dead, unseeing eyes. Adorable.

Barbara even has her own airplane pin... You know, like the kind you get when you're a living human child!

Let's hope this was Barbara's first and only flight.