'Fire' Hair Dye Changes Color With Temperature And The Results Are Pure Magic


Throughout the past year, my hair has endured a mystical assortment of colors, including blue, purple, red, dirty blonde and brown.

I was basically a unicorn for a solid 12 months straight, and I was OK with that.

My blonde locks are back to normal now, but I have a feeling that won't last too long because a fascinating new hair dye is about to hit the shelves.

It's unlike anything I've seen before because it changes colors with the temperature around you, Forbes reports.

The product is called "Fire," and it'll transform your hair color from black to red when you're surrounded by heated temperatures, and red to black when you're exposed to the cold.

If you don't believe me, check it out for yourself. My mind is blown.

Fire_creative_concept_film from T H E U N S E E N on Vimeo.

As creepy as the dye looks, it's undoubtedly innovative in the world of hair color, and I can't wait to try a bottle out for myself.

The magical product was created by Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen. She considers herself a material alchemist and used thermochromic ink to construct the dye.


It's been reported thermochromic ink that could be bought off the shelves is harmful to the skin, so her team had to work on optimizing it so it could be safely used near the scalp.

After ensuring the chemicals were safe, Bowker described the color-changing process and said,

Above a certain temperature, one of the molecule forms is more stable than the other, and so a reaction takes place producing a molecule with a slightly different absorption of light, and thus a different color. Essentially, the active part of the dye system is a complex carbon based molecule, which undergoes a reversible reaction with itself.

In other words, your hairdo is about to become Mother Nature's mood ring.

Bowker described her product as "magical," stating,

I really believe it's a great example of a product that celebrates women in science and to encourage young females to see the opportunity for creativity within science and engineering — bringing sci-fi to real life.

To make the product even better, it's been assured the dye will come right out after a few washes and will not do permanent damage to your hair.

If you aren't a fan of black or red, it'll also be available in black to white, silver to powder blue, blue to white and black to yellow.

Before you run to the nearest beauty supply store, be aware the product isn't available to buy yet. However, Bowker hopes to see it in stores by the end of 2017.

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