Father And Son Totally Fool Everyone By Dressing Up Like Each Other (Photo)

These may be the best Halloween costumes ever.

A father-and-son pair, names unknown, decided to dress up as each other this past Halloween, using makeup and each other's clothing to replicate the other's look.

A photo of the confusing, "Inception"-esque costuming was posted to Imgur by user jschu2711.

Even more confusing is, the side-by-side photos are reversed, so the “After” photo is on the left.

It takes a minute to figure out which dude is which. But once you do, you'll be blown away.

The costumes are spot on, and the makeup is almost professional-level good. If the guys did this themselves, I'm seriously impressed.

Check out the awesome identity swap below, and save this idea for next Halloween — it's definitely a keeper.

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