Family's Viral Group Chat About Their Cat's Death Has Absurdly Hilarious Twist

Group text messages are a great way to keep in touch with your entire family without having to put in much effort.

Most of the time, these texts consist of things like photos of your parents' latest trip, questions about how to work the remote and invitations to come home for dinner.

Other times, parents use the group chat to deliver important news to everyone in the family simultaneously — like the bad news Eric Schmidt's father recently sent when the family cat passed away.

Apparently, the Schmidt's beloved family pet, a 7-year-old pastel Calico cat name Kitty, had gone missing from the family's Indiana home overnight.

Then Eric's dad sent a group text that confirmed everyone's worst fears about Kitty's fate.

In the text message, Eric's dad says that they found poor Kitty dead on the side of the road, and their mother is obviously upset about the tragic loss of their fur baby.

Eric and his siblings respond to the sad news, giving their condolences for Kitty.

However, the family's group text takes a sudden turn when Eric's father sends them an update later in the day.

After burying their beloved Kitty in the backyard, Eric's parents went back in the house to continue mourning the death of their deceased cat.

That's when Mr. Schmidt happened to look out the window and saw a very live Kitty staring back at him.

Now I know what you're probably thinking, and no, Kitty did not rise from the dead in order to lead an army of flesh-eating zombie cats in a terrifying Catocalypse.

Instead, Eric's dad had clearly screwed during the post-mortem identification of the animal and simply buried someone else's cat in the backyard, like it was NBD or anything.

Eric's mom, Cheryl, told Someecards, "She came home about 30-45 minutes after the burial, so I was still pretty emotional and trying to start dinner, and my husband goes, 'I don't know how to tell you this but we buried the wrong cat.'"

Somehow, Eric's dad managed to keep his cool during the whole thing and sent his kids a text basically saying that it was a false alarm and Kitty (unlike the random dead cat in the backyard) was perfectly fine.

In fact, he even sent them a photo of Kitty to prove that he wasn't joking.

If you thought that was one seriously mind-f*cking plot twist, you might want to buckle up your seatbelt because this story is about to take another sharp turn.

Eric's parents dug up the anonymous cat carcass and brought it to the vet to see if it had a micro-chip.

However, the vet informed them that this dead cat wasn't a cat at all.

It was a bunny rabbit that had bit the dust.

Seriously, you can't make this kind of sh*t up.

Cheryl told her son to keep this embarrassing little incident on the DL.

However, Eric decided to share this hilarious story with the world by posting the family's conversation on Twitter.

You guys would not believe the roller coaster of emotions I've been through — Eric Schmidt (@TalkingSchmidt) November 17, 2015

I think it's safe to say that this is was one extremely morbid emotional rollercoaster that the Schmidt family never wants to ride ever again.

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