Family Helps Bring Frozen Kitten Stuck In The Snow Back To Life (Video)

On Thanksgiving morning, the Bingham family was enjoying a few fresh inches of snow that had fallen in Utah overnight.

As the family frolicked outside, one of their young children tripped over what he thought was a dead kitten, frozen in the snow.

But, as soon as Branden Bingham picked up the tiny kitten, to his astonishment, he realized it was still alive.

Barely moving and freezing, the family rushed the small kitten into the house and next to the fireplace to help him warm up.

The family's quick thinking and knowledge of animal CPR helped to resuscitate this adorable creature, which they named Lazarus.

Since his incredible resurrection, the kitten has been adopted by a member of the family. Check out the incredible rescue and recovery in the video above.