Family Gets Absolutely Drenched When Trip To Car Wash Goes Horribly Wrong

There aren't many golden car wash rules, but surely the first, second and third are make sure no windows are open.

We have a sneaking suspicion that the girl in the backseat knew the sunroof was open just a crack, which is why she's filming.

The car rolls into the car wash when, suddenly, water begins to drip on the driver. Then all hell breaks loose. Water pours in, literally drenching everyone inside.

"Give me a RAAAAG — HURRY UP!" She screams.

The girl in the back is heard giggling away as her mom gives her a lesson in expletives. She pretty much uses every swear word under the sun.

It's hilarious.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube with the caption, "When you press close for too long on the sunroof the back lifts up a gap a little bit and she (the driver) didn't notice, we just cleaned it up with towels."

One viewer wrote: "Ha! You know the person filming knew that the window was open the whole time and just went with it for the giggles."