Woman Tweets Insane Story Of Finding Out Her Grandpa Actually Isn't Dead

Wow. And you thought YOUR family was messed up.

Twitter user Nicole Cliffe has aired her dirty laundry all over the internet in a hilarious rant, and it's made us feel like our families are something out of a Disney fairy tale.

It all began when her dad discovered his dad wasn't actually dead. Just give it a read, you won't be sorry...

What did we tell you, pretty crazy yeah? It has everything: romance, comedy, sheer weirdness.

Twitter loved the story so much, staff brought it to everyone's attention by listing it as an epic Father's Day story on a special Twitter Moments feed on Sunday.

Naturally, people couldn't get enough of it.

And it sparked a wave of people confessing all their family dramas as well.

Thanks for making us feel like our families are completely normal, Nicole!