Guy Asks About Fake IDs On Twitter And Police Hilariously Tweet Back

Here's the thing about getting a fake ID that totally contradicts this whole story and, ultimately, makes it even funnier:

Going out to get a fake implies a certain type of sneakiness and cunningness about a person. You have to be slick, in other words, to come up with the idea and actually execute.

This kid is clearly not slick.

In an age where practically every single police department has a Twitter account and loves to use it to assert how cool and hip they are, one guy from Winnipeg actually thought it was a good idea to take this inquiry online.

Rookie move.

Obviously, it wasn't long till Winnipeg police slid into his mentions and nipped that fake ID talk in the bud.

In fairness to "Adam," he at least tried to make use of what could have been a strictly embarrassing moment. He used the shine provided by his amateur move to promote — of all things — his mixtape.

The only thing that kind of makes sense of out this story is that the kid is Canadian. Only Canadians are nice enough to think that they could do such things and get away with them unscathed.

I mean, just look at how their police respond.

Other than that, between this kid asking for an ID online and the fact that he has a mixtape, I really don't have anything close to an explanation for this.