Facebook's New Feature Will Be A Glorious Combination Of Yelp And Seamless

Am I dreaming? Because this news seems a little too good to be true.

Facebook revealed a new feature today that lets you order food without leaving the app, and I can't contain my excitement.

That isn't the only cool new perk that's been released, though.

According to Business insider, a bunch of new options have been added to the app we've grown dependent on. They take Facebook's "call to action" button to the next level.

Various demands will now be available including "Book Now," "Buy Tickets" and, my personal favorite, "Start Order."

The options are accessible on various companies' Facebook pages, and will allow users to interact with businesses without hunting down their company websites.

Who needs Seamless, anyway? (LOL, just kidding. I need Seamless every day.)

Still, Facebook is offering us a whole new food source. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg!

There's still more surprises, though.

Another new feature on the app that has yet to fully launch will let your friends and family recommend cool new places for you, similar to the way Yelp does.

Whether you're searching for the best brunch spot in your area or seeking options for the best happy hour, it'll allow you to write a post asking for advice about where to go.

Once you've completed that step, you will be able to activate "Recommendations," which will let your pals contribute to your decision-making process by adding their favorite go-to places.

Their suggestions will even come with directions for your convenience.

Man, we're about to get real lazy, huh?!

Whatever -- teamwork makes the dream work, and if my friends recommend a good food place, I'll usually take their advice.

And Facebook isn't slowing down any time soon.

Last month, news emerged that a new platform called "Facebook at Work" was in the planning stages, which will allow companies to use Facebook as a network for business communication.

Soon, we'll be doing everything on Facebook. I'm excited to see what they're going to reveal next.

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