Facebook's 'Secret Conversations' Are Here, So Prepare For Sketchy Booty Calls

Facebook announced back in July that they would be adding an encrypted message feature to our beloved Facebook Messenger.

It's called "secret conversations." They've been rolling it out slowly for the past few months. Now, all 900 million Facebook users have it.

Let the secret conversations begin. — MARSHA (@mishylove) September 25, 2016

Encrypted messages prevent unauthorized parties – like hackers and government agencies – from decoding your messages.

Because the government DEFINITELY wants to know who's trying to slide into whose DMs... right?

This is just one of the many surprise features Messenger has been coming out with in the past few years. Remember when we all found out about our hidden Facebook message inbox?

Let the creepy messages, unwanted booty calls and straight-up shady nonsense begin.

You'll be able to use this feature once you update the app.

To start a secret conversation on your phone, tap the draft icon on the top right. You'll then see the option to make it "secret" on the top right corner of the new message screen.

It doesn't work in group chats or with videos and GIFs. But you CAN secretly send text, photos and stickers. You can set a timer for how long your message will last before it disappears, which gives the feature a Snapchat-like feel.

Keep in mind, though, that every time you want to send a secret message, you have to manually click "secret." (Dick pic senders, beware.)

If you don't have Facebook or hate the idea of downloading Messenger onto your phone – like me, ugh – you can still take advantage of end-to-end encryption on WhatsApp, which is Facebook's other messaging app.

By the way, your messages on Facebook have a good amount of protection already. But some people are super paranoid about hackers getting into their business. This feature will definitely make the ones who are scared of unwanted eyes on their messages feel better about using the app.

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