This Puppy Is Everything You Need To Get Through Finals

We could all use a little #MondayMotivation, especially while embarking on the hellish journey known as finals week.

For those of you pulling all-nighters in the library, we've found the perfect way to start your day, and you can thank Débora Díaz.

The 21-year-old student at University of Maryland is well aware that her peers are kicking it into high gear preparing for exams, so she found a way to make the process a little more enjoyable -- and it includes four legs, a tail, and a wet nose.

Yup, you guessed it. She decided to bring her puppy to campus so he could motivate students during their finals.

"I've seen people walking around campus who looked very stressed and worried, specially since finals were just about to start," Débora told Elite Daily. Whenever I see a dog I get really excited and smile instantly. I know other people also feel the same way as I do, so bringing Bailey to school during this time was a must!"

Débora announced the adorable news on Twitter, and the internet started swooning over her pup.



I don't even know Bailey (or Débora for that matter) but I just perked up.

Behold: Bailey, the most inspirational pup we've ever seen.



D'aww! Would you look at this cutie? The adorable fur ball donned a sign that read,

Hey You Good Luck With Finals I Believe In You

You guys, Bailey believes in you! What more do you need? He is the best canine support system you could ask for.

Naturally, students responded to Débora on Twitter and they couldn't get enough of her supportive sidekick.

Some were really awestruck with Débora's decision.


People fell in love with the idea and forgot about finals in the process.


Some made an offer you can't refuse.


Then there were those who missed Bailey, even though he was right under their noses.

Better luck next time, Brittney.


Research from Harvard University suggests therapy dogs help relieve stress at work, so why not follow suit and bring your pup along during any stressful situation?

My alma mater, Manhattan College, got in on the genius idea this year and gifted students with #PuppyDay right before the end of the semester.

Where was I? Oh, that's right — I graduated. I missed the fun.

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