Eighth Grader Shows Off Epic Trump Impersonation During Graduation Speech

Let's face it. The one thing that's keeping most people from admiring Donald Trump — at least a tiny bit — is the fact that he's actually clinched the Republican nomination and the notion of him as POTUS is now a plausible one.

Otherwise, we'd probably appreciate him more. And when I say “appreciate,” I pretty much mean the same type of appreciation we had for Heath Ledger when he played The Joker in The Dark Knight.

Sure, Ledger was portraying a complete sociopath with no regard for the devastating implications his words and actions had on others, but he played the role so well that pretty much everyone lauded the sheer ingenuity it took to pull it off.

I'd imagine some people feel the same way about Trump, even if they hate him. His character, in a vacuum, is kinda hilarious.

So if that character is impressive, in a sort of twisted way, anyone who can imitate that character, by the transitive property, is impressive also.

That bring us to this middle school student and his impersonation of Donald Trump, which was worthy of stealing the award for valedictorian on the spot.

During his eighth grade graduation, Chicago-area teen Jack Aiello delivered a speech that mimicked the most prominent politicians and his rendition of a typical Trump speech was clearly the best.

Check out the video for Jack's brilliant work.