Girl Tried To Make Duck For Dinner But Didn't Realize A Horrifying Reality

by Hope Schreiber
Tiarra Duncan

Listen, I'm not going to judge anyone's culinary skills.

One of the things I learned in college was how to make mac and cheese, OK?

I've never made duck, personally. In fact, I was an adult the first time I had duck prepared for me. It just wasn't something we ate in my household growing up.

Now, I kind of know why because I can't picture my mom being cool with this horrifying discovery this young woman made.

Tiarra Duncan

Tiarra Duncan is 21-years-old and she just wanted to make orange ginger-braised duck for dinner. Instead, she basically wrote the plot to the next season of "American Horror Story."

She told BuzzFeed News the meat was labeled "frozen duck" at the store. She said,

I was expecting it to look like how a whole chicken or turkey does when you buy it. No head, no feet.

This is also what I would expect.

Instead, this poor young woman, got this...

Tiarra Duncan

I would love to know how long in between these snaps Duncan spent screaming because this Snapchat has me rolling.

IMAGINE this duck's smug-ass face slowly slopping out of that plastic bag, thumping on the sink like, "OH HEY THERE."


"Y'all trying to get ya duck on?"

Tiarra Duncan

"What do you mean, you lost ya appetite?"

Tiarra Duncan

Needless to say, the post made a lot of vegans on Twitter angry.

Duncan said she found someone else to trim the duck, and she still ate it. She admits it was "hard to look at after that."

She said,

I don't think I'll be able to look at meat the same again.

This is exactly what the ducks want you to do. They sacrificed one to save many. Soon, they will rule the world.

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