Girl Drunk Texts Wrong Number And Ends Up Becoming BFFs With Clothing Store

This is a very rare case of a drunk text gone right.

During a night out clubbing, British vlogger Lucy D'Agostino somehow ended up in a conversation with an online clothing store, and people can't get enough of it.

Since putting screenshots of the drunk messages on Twitter, the post has gotten liked over 50,000 times.

Liquid clearly did something to be last night. Sorry Boohoo customer service — Lucy D'Agostino (@_Lucy_Jane_) October 2, 2016

It all started with a simple misunderstanding.

Lucy explained in a video,

Last night I got a bit drunk. Basically, this parcel was sent to the wrong address... I messaged them last night at 2 am, with a question mark 'cause they hadn't replied to me. And then someone replied at 2 am and I was like 'what's this, what's going on?'

After sliding in the store's DMs, she shortly made friends with her new pal, Abul.

Twitter/Lucy D'Agostino

But, of course, everyone knows you're not a true friend until you prove you can suggest something to eat after a long night out. Abul was up to the task.

Twitter/ Lucy D'ogostino

As is the case with most drunk texts, D'Agostino says she didn't even remember sending those messages to Boohoo at first.

We all know there's that point the morning after where you check the instant replay -- your Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and texts -- to assess the damage. Well, that's when she noticed.

She said on her vlog,

I was really drunk and I don't even remember doing this to be honest... I sort of forgot I'd done it. And then I woke up and I was like 'oh my God.'

In that same video, Lucy revealed over a million people have seen her tweet of the messages, and if any of those million are smart, they'll be thinking exactly what I'm thinking right now: "Abul" definitely saw her picture and, all the sudden, decided to be as nice as possible.

I ain't mad at you, playa.

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