Drunk Subway Rider Caught Fingering GF On Train While She Casually Drinks Soda

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There's nothing worse than having a bunch of strangers see you do something incredibly embarrassing in public.

Except, maybe there is... having your most cringe-worthy moments recorded by said strangers and shared with the entire world via social media, of course.

Not too long ago, we told you about a man who snagged a seat on the subway and ended up getting a front-row seat to a show he never asked to see.

It was a couple performing the "sticky fingers challenge" in broad daylight.


Apparently, those shameless fingering subway riders aren't the only ones who like to get a little frisky during their commute.

Another pair of train passengers were recently spotted sharing a steamy moment on the subway.

That's right: Someone recently posted a video on Snapchat featuring a young man who's clearly on a mission to join the sticky fingers club with his drunk girlfriend.

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However, there's just one little problem: This dude's attempt at carrying out some scandalous subway PDA doesn't exactly go according to plan.

If you take a close look at the video, you'll notice the clueless guy has failed to perform the first and most crucial step when it comes to fingering: unzipping his girlfriend's pants.

The Snapchatter captures the man repeated trying and failing to finger the girl through her pants. It's basically like a bad car accident you can't stop staring at.

As the pathetic scene unfolds in front of everyone on the train, the guy's inebriated girlfriend casually sips on a soda while looking particularly unamused.

Then, just when you think things can't get any worse, this desperate dude decides to try his luck with a different technique: He tries to punch his way through her pants.

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If you ask me, this guy seems like he can't even punch his way out of a paper bag, let alone knuckle his way through some khakis.

The video stops shortly after. But based on the way things were going, I think it's probably safe to assume he never succeeded in getting through her pants.

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