Drunk Guy Doesn't Remember Crashing Bachelorette Party

Man, who hasn't been so drunk that they've just decided to join a party of strangers?

I did it just last weekend, successfully crashing a birthday party of someone I have never met and will likely never see again.

I hope those girls had a good time because I do not remember any of it.

Connor Waite also recently experienced that during his trip to Ibiza, but luckily for him the party he crashed tagged him on Facebook.

Blacking out is making memories for other people, but tagging them on Facebook is a very kind reminder of just how messed up they were.


Waite went to Ibiza with a group of 19 friends, but one morning he woke up in his hotel with no recollection of just WTF happened.

The 22-year-old said that during his vacation, he and his friends booked a booth in Ocean Beach. He said,

We were there all day and then we got taxis down to Café Mambo to watch the sunset - but from there on it was a blur.

He can blame crashing a bachelorette party on the Jagerbombs.


Connor said,

I can't remember a single thing other than getting put in a taxi and taken back to the other side of the island to the apartment. The next day I was tagged on Facebook in these pictures and the rest is history.

He then took to Twitter to share the pictures, which may just lead him to a pretty sweet job...


He said,

I've never been on a hen do before, but if any want a guest then they can DM me on Twitter. The bride actually contacted me today and said her hen do was 'all the better for seeing me.' I replied and told her I wanted to go on hen do's all over the country.

Hen do, for those who aren't British, is a bachelorette party.

While I probably wouldn't invite a random man to join my bachelorette party (for two reasons, one, girls only! Two, no one loves me and I will die alone, I'll never have a bachelorette party), I wouldn't be surprised if others take him up on the offer.

Looks like a fun guy to me.

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