This Dog's Reaction When His Owner Breaks His Frisbee Is Just Too Tragic

by Taylor Ortega

Some days, when things aren't going your way, it makes sense to just give up.

Take Thor, for example. He's a dog whose owner accidentally cracked his beloved frisbee in half.

Thor isn't about to throw a fit or even find another toy to scratch his playtime itch. He understands sometimes life's just an endless series of disappointments.

On days like this, Thor doesn't want to test the universe only to see how dark it can truly get out there. Instead, Thor is abandoning hope for a lighthearted game of fetch until the metaphorical sun shines again.

Tragedy, guys. It's a major part of living a balanced life. Don't fight it. Let it wash over you. Sit in the corner, half a frisbee hanging out of your mouth, and let the cold linoleum floor chill your belly and remind you there's a beach somewhere waiting for you to roll in its sand and splash on its shores.

It's how Thor would want you to live.

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