330 Percent More Dogs Are Accidentally Getting Stoned Now Than 5 Years Ago

If you thought Snoop Dogg was the only dawg getting high AF on the reg, you clearly haven't been keeping a close eye on man's best friend.

Remember when we showed you that sneaky dog, Peanut, who got super stoned after swiping a weed cookie from someone's purse?


Well, it turns out Peanut is just one of many dogs getting hella high these days.

Before you sit Rover down and talk to him about resisting puppy peer pressure and saying "no" when his furry friends offer him pot at the dog park, I should probably mention that these pooches aren't getting high on purpose.

Apparently, these curious canines are somehow getting their paws on their owners' stashes and mistaking bags of weed or some delectable THC-laden edibles for a tasty treat.

In fact, over the past five years, the Pet Poison Helpline has seen a whopping 330 percent increase in the number of dogs that are accidentally ingesting marijuana.

Dr. Karl Jandrey, a professor at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, told CBS,

Dogs can die from this. It is uncommon, but it's possible.

Apparently, dogs don't handle their highs as well as humans can.

Irene Ogus, the owner of an 8-year-old poodle, saw first-hand what happens when your dog accidentally woofs down some weed.

Ogus recounted the whole ordeal, telling CBS,

It was horrifying. He looked like he was having a stroke. He couldn't stand up; he couldn't hold his head up. He couldn't get up at all. His tongue was drooling out of his head, and he looked terrible.

However, there seems to be a pretty simple solution to the problem.

Lots of weed activists have been chiming in on the canine cannabis issue, saying stoners simply need to be more careful with their weed and keep their pot brownies in dog-proof containers and/or out of paw's reach.

While the pictures of your high dog might be funny, it's not worth the risk. In this case, we recommend you don't #DoItForTheGram.

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