This Chill Dog Who Got High After Eating A Weed Cookie Is Our Spirit Animal


Meet Peanut the Chihuahua:


This pooch's name is way too fitting because he certainly looks like a little peanut.

Like most dogs, Peanut can totally relate to the mischievous lifestyle of being a little rascal up to no good.

Peanut's owner took to Reddit to reveal the pooch stole a cookie from a guest who was staying over the house.

Little Peanut apparently straight up took the cookie out of the guest's bag.

Peanut — I think we can all bow down to the length you went to get this cookie.

I bet this little dude was not planning on getting super stoned though when he devoured the sweet treat.


Peanut's owner revealed,

The owner also said,


I don't think Peanut got the memo his beloved snack was laced with marijuana.

The poor little guy was acting very anxious and on edge after eating the entire cookie.

Being such a small dog, only 6 pounds to be exact, the family acted quickly to get Peanut the help he needed at a nearby vet medical school.

The owner said,


You keep doing you, Peanut — And stick to Milk Bones instead of weed cookies.

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