This Little Dog Loves Going Down A Slide More Than You Love Anything


Dogs and people have a lot more in common than you may think.

In fact, my dog has such a strong, sassy personality that sometimes, I think she might actually be an overprivileged teenage girl trapped in a furry white Westie's body.

Apparently, my dog isn't the only pup out there that acts like a person on the reg, either.

Meet Gypsy the dog.

When it comes to having fun, this cute lil' canine is just like the rest of us.

Gypsy enjoys hanging out with his barking BFFs, going on long, romantic strolls through the park and feeling the wind in his fur as he experiences the exhilarating rush of a carnival ride.


That's right. Someone recently posted a video on Facebook that shows Gypsy having a doggone good time at Canada's Beausejour Fair.

As he climbs to the top of a giant slide and then zips down to the bottom, there is nothing but pure pup glee on his furry face.

However, one ride down clearly wasn't enough for this daredevil dog. After the first run, he decided to relive the adrenaline-pumping experience by going back down the slide again... and again... and again.

Seriously, the sheer joy on this dog's face is so damn cute, it will send you through a roller coaster of emotions.

Check out the video to see this fun, slide-obsessed pup.

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