This Dog Owner Asked Reddit To Name Her Puppy And The Answers Are Hilarious

On Tuesday, a woman shared a picture of her adorable miniature Dachshund puppy to Reddit and asked users to help her pick out a name.

The pup may be the cutest little fur ball to have ever graced this planet, so it makes sense why it'd be difficult to find a name to do her justice. I mean, just look at those big, brown eyes...

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I know. Cutest dog ever, right? The woman, who posts with the username, jlbutton, wrote,

Help Reddit! My new (girl) mini daschund puppy needs a name!

Well, because this is the Internet we're dealing with, the suggestions ranged from hilarious to even more hilarious.

What the what?!

In case the puppy wants to be a super villain someday.

Well, she is technically a bitch...

No. Just no.

Stop trying to make fetch happen!

I give this one a 100 percent YAS.

Then again, you could always stick with a classic...

Ultimately, jlbutton ended up going with the refined, though decidedly less hilarious name, Freia. While it's definitely not on par with Phillip Seymour Hotdog, at least she won't be embarrassed every time she calls after little Freia at the dog park.

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