Dog Has No Idea She Made Her Humans Sob With The Most Thoughtful Xmas Gift


This was Jessica Kline's (19) beloved dog Zoey, who sadly died after being hit by a car at just a year and a half old in Dallas.

Several months after Zoey passed, Jessica's mother got her a puppy to help deal with the grief of losing her pet.

It's pretty much a four-legged, dog-shaped miracle. And her name is Riley.

Like, this dog is so cute that I'm 80 percent sure that, if you stared into her eyes for long enough, she'd cure your IBS. (By the way, you have IBS — I'm sorry you had to find out this way.)

Jessica spoke to BuzzFeed News about how helpful having a dog was for her.

After Zoey died, I really appreciated having a dog more. They don't care how you look, or if you screwed up at work. When you walk through the door, your dog always comes at you with that same excitement. I definitely missed that.

Jessica had been extremely close to Zoey and felt her absence acutely before Riley.

She came with me to college and everything. My entire family loved her. She would come to the lake with us, and she slept with me every single night.

Some time before Zoey died, she lost her collar in the woods behind Jessica's backyard.

I never really thought anything of it — she lost her collar, and that was that.

Until, on Christmas Day, Riley came inside carrying this:

She rushed inside to show her parents. They hung the collar beside the rest of the family's Christmas stockings.

It meant a lot. It's like she's keeping Zoey alive and not letting her be forgotten.

Everyone on Twitter immediately felt like this:

Here is a picture of Zoey wearing her collar, in case you think this is #fakenews. (Also it's a really funny picture).

Rest in peace, Zoey.

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