Woman Posts Video Of Dog Getting Stoned After Accidentally Eating A Joint


If you're a human, taking a hit off a joint and getting high from marijuana will usually make you feel relaxed and at peace with the world.

Whether they're lighting up before yoga or smoking before a workout, people freakin' love it.

Plus, studies have proven weed is pretty damn good for you -- so what's not to like?

If you're a dog, on the other hand, you'll feel a little differently.

A girl named Chloe O'Neill posted a video of her 1-year-old pup stoned out of his mind, and he definitely didn't look like he was having fun.

According to her Twitter post, her dog, Gunnar, accidentally ate a joint while they were out for a walk.

It's safe to say the weed inside that joint was strong AF -- because Gunnar looks completely discombobulated.

In fact, he was so out-of-sorts Chloe needed to take him to the "doggy hospital" to make sure he was OK, and our hearts are breaking for the little guy.

Chloe posted a video of her high puppy on Twitter that shows him standing in the veterinarian hospital wobbling against a wall.

At first, Gunnar is swaying back and forth and leaning his snout against the wall in his high state of mind.

When he starts to lose his balance, Chloe starts petting his chest and says, "Are you OK?"

At the end of the video, Gunnar begins leaning on the wall for stability with his eyes half-open, looking like he could fall asleep at any given second.

When Chloe posted the video online, she captioned it,

"not everyday ur dogs stoned cos he ate a joint while out his walk and gets taken to doggy hospital ahahahhah."

His glazed-over eyes are screaming, "I'M STONED."


The responses she received were mixed, and people were torn between finding the video funny and feeling terrible for the little guy.

They feel bad for him... but still think he's cute.


"Needs some scoobie snacks for his munchies."

Others are concerned for Gunnar and hope he's OK...


... while some folks don't find the video funny at all.


In case you'd like a comparison picture to see what Gunner looks like when he isn't high, here it is:


Well, he definitely looks more... um, alert.

After comparing the two, there's no question the puppy is stoned out of his mind in the video Chloe shared.

Elite Daily reached out to her to see if Gunnar is OK and is awaiting her response.

Let's hope he's back to normal by now, and let's hope he doesn't come across any more stray joints in the future.

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