Dog's Reaction To Seeing His Family On FaceTime Will Thaw The Coldest Of Hearts


Nothing can compare to the special bond that exists between a person and their dog.

After all, they don't call these magnificent creatures man's best friend for nothing.

As someone who likes my dog more than most people, I can assure you that it's totally normal to call your dog sitter and ask to speak to your fur baby halfway through the workday.

Or if you really want to brighten up your dog's day, you can take your canine phone convos to the next level by FaceTiming your barking BFF and letting them know how much you're thinking about them.

Don't believe me? Just ask Edison Fontanilla.

Recently, Fontanilla and his family went on vacation and left their dedicated doggo behind with a sitter.

Like any concerned dog owner, Fontanilla was curious to see how his four-legged friend was faring back at home without him.

So he decided to check in on his pup with a FaceTime call, and this dog's reaction to seeing its family on the other end is guaranteed to give you all the feels.

At first, Fontanilla's dog doesn't really understand the whole concept of FaceTiming and fails to even notice the fact that his family is staring at him on the screen.


But then they started talking, which really catches the dog's attention.


After cocking his head to the side in confusion for a moment, the dog realizes the voices coming from the phone belong to his family — and he totally loses it.


In fact, this dog is so damn excited it's straight-up smiling.


Edison captured his pup's precious reaction in a series of adorable screenshots.

He later shared the photos on Twitter, and now people can't seem to get enough of the look on this happy pup's face.

This is my dog realizing hes fting with me & my family because were away on vacay and look how happy he got. — Edison Fontanilla (@deeeameddie) January 16, 2017

Seriously, if this dog doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, you basically have no soul.

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